A Case for Palestine

How is it possible that the world  has somehow chosen to remain oblivious to the plight of the Palestinians?  How is it possible that the atrocities committed in Palestine have strangely slipped through the clutches of mainstream media?  How is it possible that the world’s decision makers have allowed Israel to continue its ‘silent war’ against Palestine? And how is it possible that we, the citizens of this war torn planet can find reason to blame the Palestinian people for the unfortunate and deplorable situation they find themselves in? 

Our silence is unforgivable.  Shame on us….


2 Responses to A Case for Palestine

  1. Dreamlife says:

    I think a lot of it has to do with what we see, hear and read about it. So much of what we know about the rest of the world, comes from what we take in from the media – be it newspapers, tv news, radio news, etc. On the Internet, there’s a much wider range of views – and thats where we CAN get a more balanced picture.

    But i think the main thing is – people are bombarded with news and information, and, whatever the organisations and people who control those media outlets CHOOSE TO PORTRAY, is what the masses of people get.

    Its like, we’re so busy with our lives – how hectic modern life is – that we don’t have time or make time to look for other news and info outlets. We are “fed” the info from these supposedly trustworthy sources…but the sad thing is that, whichever side you’re on, there’s always going to be bias and twisting of the truth to suit someone’s point of view.

    The only way to get a clear picture – a truthful portrayal of whats really going on – is to do your own research; make your own effort to find the info; and in the best case scenraio – actually go to the places yourself to see what’s happening.

    Our “silence” – I believe – would not be so prevalent if the TRUE reality, the truth of what’s really going on – was reported and publicised by the major media outlets that “feed” us the news of the world.

    Which is why its so important for us to be involved in the media – traditional media and “new media”…it may seem like an uphill battle; but all that is required is effort from individuals. Individual efforts, when combined, make a collective impact. And thats when major changes occur.

  2. mish says:

    i agree, the facts of the israeli/palestinian conflict have been distorted and repeated over time to such a extent that the world views it as the TRUTH.

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