South Africa- Show your support!

Saturday 4 November 2006
From Mary Fitzgerald Square (opposite Market Theatre)
To Gauteng Provincial Legislature @ 10AM

Given the appalling history of apartheid in our country, we as a people can no longer stand by and watch as Israel, an Apartheid State, continues to brutalise, expel and ethnically cleanse all the non-Jewish people of Palestine. This is being done in a brutal and inhumane effort to maintain Jewish Supremacy.

Today much of Palestine has been stolen, millions have been forced off their lands and into refugee camps, an Apartheid Wall further dehumanises and impoverishes its people, and the siege of Gaza and many other villages has left thousands destitute. Yet the world watches helplessly as the suffering continues unabated. We all recognise the need to intensify our struggle to isolate this racist regime, but we sit idly in our comfort zones unwilling to stand up for humanity.

We must demand that the South African government breaks all diplomatic relations and impose sanctions on the racist Israeli state!

As Muslims, we are against all forms of oppression, injustice and racism. Our humanity does not only stretch out to ‘our’ people. We support all those oppressed people of the world in Darfur, Sri Lanka, Australia, Palestine, Iraq and all over the world. As Muslims we MUST take this opportunity to once again show our support for the Palestinian people. Together with all peace loving South Africans we will march from the Market Theatre to the Gauteng Provincial Legislature, this Saturday, November 4 2006.

May God send his help and blessing to all the oppressed people all over the world!


3 Responses to South Africa- Show your support!

  1. Cevris says:

    Ameen, hope it works well!!!

  2. mish says:

    friends of mine attended the march and they mentioned that there was a poor turnout. where were we??? ( don’t answer that!)

    the government is aware of the palestinian situation but they are under tremendous pressure from the us & israel. i’d love to believe that they will cut ties with israel but i don’t know…

    i think we have a really long road ahead of us.

  3. Bilal says:

    The march went of well! As well as could be expected in Johannesburg.
    There is always a poor turnout. We can only have hope- hope that Muslims start translating their claims of support into action. Hope that we can influence the government. Hope that the Palestinians, and all those suffering all over the world, will soon see peace. Hope!
    Please see for the memorandum and discussion on this*

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