A Case in Hypocrisy: The Pope and the US on Palestine

Papal Moral Bankruptcy…

On Beit Hanoun: Yesterday the Arab League said that the actions of the US vetoing the draft UN resolution to condemn the massacres in Beit Hanoun dooms the Middle East Peace Process.

“This sends a message that causes us great sorrow and anger. The message was well received, and it tells us that the peace process is completely dead… This veto is incomprehensible and will only fan the flames of anger gripping the Middle East.” Secretary General Amr Mussa said.

The draft resolution would have condemned the artillery strike which occured on Wednesday in the northern Gaza Strip town and killed 19 Palestinians, mostly women and children. Britain abstained, France and Russia voted in favour, but America refused to allow the United Nations to condemn the Israelis. The resolution would also have condemned Palestinian rocket firing into the Jewish state (this aspect was included when Qatar modified the resolution). Even though this was included, America’s Ambassador to the UN, Mr Bolton described it as “in many places biased against Israel and politically motivated”.

Here, I echo Jews Sans Frontieres… A UN resolution that’s “Politically Motivated”? These zionists don’t even have to make sense any more.

Surprisingly, the Arab League announced that they are NOT going to adhere to any resolutions or foreign on-ground actions that ban support of Palestinians, financially.
Arab League Breaks Financial Embargo against PA (Reuters).


One Response to A Case in Hypocrisy: The Pope and the US on Palestine

  1. Muhammad says:

    Well one of the changes to the above and an oversight on my part is the use of “America” instead of the United States. There are alot of people in the America’s North and South athat do not support the hypocritical tendencies of the US government.

    This being said, how the hell can the US and the VAtican expect any respect or trust when they behave like this? All empires fall and I foresee something similar in this case.



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