Palestinians Block Israeli Air Raid

Palestinian’s Blocked an Israeli Air Raid. This was reported yesterday and here’s an excerpt of the absolutely blatant PR spinoff from Israeli military spokespeople (I’ll justify why I call it a PR Spinoff)…

An Israeli military spokesman confirmed that the raid had been called off because of the protest. “The attack plan was canceled because of the people there. We differentiate between innocent people and terrorists,” he said. [Aljazeera]

Yeah, right… Can anyone else smell the Bullshit? Well here’s some proof from Sabbah

Who killed the Beit Hanoun sleeping families? Who killed these and these and these and these and these and these and these and these and these and thesethese and… all of these innocent civilians, children, women and elders, who killed them? Who killed Huda’s family? Who killed the civilians in this massacre, and this, and this, and this…? Who killed Iman? Who killed prayers in Al-Aqsa Mosque and set up a shrine for the murderer after? Who killed children, women and elders in Sabra and Shatila and Qana? Who killed the thousands of villagers in Qibya, Safsaf and al-Dawayima, and Kafr Qasim, and…? and

Who killed and killed and killed…? Thousands and thousands of innocent Palestinians were killed by the Zionist throughout the history of Palestinian resistance!

and she’s not the only one who sees this…

And then an Israeli Official goes on record to sanction the killing of Hamas Leaders. Can you imagine the Media Coverage and Spin, if the same statement was made by a Hamas Official about Israeli Leaders?

This is just Crazy… “None are so blind as those who refuse to see.”

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2 Responses to Palestinians Block Israeli Air Raid

  1. Zahera says:

    You cant expect anything less from the controllers of the media! It truly is a sad state of affairs in Palestine and whats even more disheartening is that the civilians are suffering every single day at the hands of these tyrants!
    The Israelis wont allow any sort of aid in, including basic necessities such as food and medicine.
    I went to a talk yesterday at my Uni where a couple of speakers were discussing, “What’s really happening in palestine.” One of the speakers was the founder of a group called “Check point watch,” she admitted herself that the Israeli military were not holding their posts for security reasons at all and that infact the atrocities taking place, the humiliation of Palestinians on a daily basis was absolutely horrific and shameful!

    A video proceeded this short talk consisting of the story of a young 12 year old boy who had been arressted for having done nothing (really hadnt dont anything) who was then taken to Israeli detention camps and was sexually abused by the soldiers!
    Astagfirullah. these people are animals! On top of it- when the young boys parents came to visit him- they werent even allowed to touch him- let alone hug and kiss him!
    The mother was crying- and her pain was so heartfelt that i felt a lump in my throat and tears prickling my tears. The father hated himself for being in a position where he could do absolutely nothing to help his son.

    This is the norm for soo many innocent Palestinian families who suffer every single day- unfortunately i sometimes feel so useless! This is a message to us- a message that the muslim Ummah has to wake up, be united and fight for the basic human rights of our brothers and sisters who are suffering elsewhere in the name of Islam and for simply being a Muslim.
    May Allah (swt) give us the strength to fight with zeal and honesty and may He make our path easy and successful inshAllah! Ameen.

  2. Peace Please says:

    THe sexual abuse becomes accepted in order that the victims be degraded in the eyes of their relatives, as they are already in the eyes and even laws of the colonial power. Israel publishes its identity on its flag. THe Mogan, 6-pointed star, symbolizes the Jewish people. Since it wil never trully represent “THE Jews” or any jew, except the most the most standard nationalist, its behavior, if finaly exposed, would be revealed in all its repugnance and inhumanity. THis the capitalist pres will fight to the bitter end. Always the struggle to reclaim Palestine in some wise willcontinue to be represented as ancient hatreds, conflicting religions, etc.
    We must be consistent and strong in our vision of raining the issue truthfully: Israel must retreatnot only from the colonial infestation of the West Bank, but fromits preconceptions of racial superiority and move to share its wealth with the Palestinians. Until then,m there will never be security and its brain drain willcontinue a pace.

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