The Palestine/Israel Update…

Former US President Jimmy Carter Dishes it out good to Israel
and its Supporters especially the US Government. Jimmy Carter will go
down in history as the only American president EVER to call the israeli
occupation what it is – HORRENDOUS and APARTHEID.

A former agent with the Mossad intelligence service is sueing the Jewish state for one million dollars in damages over his role in the [“celebrated”] affair of Jonathan Pollard,
a former Pentagon official jailed in the US for passing secrets to Israel.

Ismail Patel argues that Muslims who go to fight for Palestine should be considered in the same way that Jews who go to fight for Israel. What he actually says is
that if Jews can simply up and go and fight for an army of war
criminals then those who fight for Palestine shouldn’t be considered

Big ups to Palestinian Women! – The Oldest Martyrdom Operator

the television screen a woman is reading slowly from a sheet of paper
held close to her face. The moment is awkward. Her hands shake, she
avoids the camera and a large, black M-16 assault rifle hangs from her
shoulders. Her head and neck are wrapped tightly in a white scarf.

is the final message in the life of Fatma al-Najar, widow,
great-grandmother, matriarch of her large family and, a few hours after
this brief video was shot, the oldest Palestinian to become a suicide
bomber. “I am the living martyr Fatma al-Najar,” she says, and praises
the armed wing of her beloved Hamas movement, its political rulers and
its violent struggle.

There have been a handful of women among
the 120 Palestinian suicide bombers of recent years, and their names
are recited on the streets of Gaza in the folklore of Palestinian
martyrdom. But the past few weeks have seen a remarkable injection of
women’s activism into the fight. In this conservative and patriarchal
society the militancy has previously been almost entirely dominated by
men. Now that is changing.

Three weeks before the al-Najar
bombing, hundreds of women, mostly Hamas supporters and all clad in
long cloaks and headscarves, marched into the town of Beit Hanoun in
the middle of an Israeli incursion to free a group of armed male
fighters who were holed up inside a mosque. Two of the women were
killed, but the crowd succeeded in freeing the fighters and now boast
proudly of their bravery.

Israel incarcerates children too!

Layth Ghalib Bedwan, 14, was arrested and detained by the Israeli
authorities on 28 August 2006. Since then, his family has waited
anxiously for him to return home.

“His mother is crying all the
time. I contacted all the children’s rights organisations in the hope
that they can do something to accelerate the release of my son, but all
my efforts were in vain,” said Ghalib Bedwan, 36, Layth’s father.


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