Israel Wipes Entire Village Off The Map.

This morning in the Naqab (Negev) in southern Israel, the entire village of Tawil was bulldozed by the government. The rationale given was that the village was “unrecognized” and therefore is not permitted to exist. The real reason was that the village was comprised of Palestinian Arab Bedouin, and therefore Israel does not want it to exist. The homes and livelihoods destroyed so simply and callously were certainly very real and recognized by their now homeless owners.

Israel claims to not “recognize” dozens of Bedouin villages in the Naqab and elsewhere (even though many existed before Israel itself), thereby absolving it of the responsibility to provide the villages with public services such as water, and permitting Israel to destroy said villages at its leisure. Maan News reports plans to demolish 42,000 homes built in these “unrecognized” areas.

Such activity by Israel is reminiscent of the Nakba, when in 1947-1949, Zionist then Israeli forces systematically destroyed and/or depopulated more than 450 Palestinian villages, creating at least 750,000 refugees.

And like the Nakba, Israel has plans to “develop” the Naqab once it is cleansed of the Palestinians – a plan endorsed by George Bush in his 2004 letter to Ariel Sharon. “Negev 2015” includes plans to build new housing communities and farms for Jews only, at a cost of $4 billion. It goes without saying that there is nothing in these plans that will benefit the Bedouin inhabitants of the area, if there are any left.

For more info on “unrecognized” villages and plight of Palestinians in Israel, visit the Association of Forty and Adalah.
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One Response to Israel Wipes Entire Village Off The Map.

  1. Dreamlife says:

    its amazing how some people can commit such atrocities, and try to justify it to the rest of the world and themselves. deep down, i wonder if they even have any humanity left in their hearts.

    either way, when it comes to injustice in this world, we can at least take comfort in the fact that on the Day of Judgement and in the Hereafter, everyone will get true justice – and there won’t be any more lies or twisting of words and oppression.

    You reap what you sow…and although it may seem like they are getting away with it right now – they’ll get whats coming to them in the end.

    The same goes for all of us – we reap what we sow…so, we should try to be on our best when we respond to such injustice – whether in word or in action. Two wrongs don’t make a right – so we must react within the limits set out for us – and not transgress in how we express our anger towards such outrageous behaviour (disgusting as it may be).

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