Where is the Palestinian Mandela?

Michael Kinsley’s Guardian article arguing that Israel is not an Apartheid State, did have a rebuttal by some people who wrote a couple of letters which called him out on pertinent aspects…

also asks “where is the Palestinian Mandela?” It is no argument to
defend the systematic oppression of a community of people by lamenting
that they don’t behave as well as you feel they should under that
oppression. If human rights were restricted to those people fortunate
enough to be led by someone of the stature of Nelson Mandela, we’d all
be in trouble. But again, just for the record, Mandela did endorse a
bombing campaign, and our own prime minister of the day described him
as a terrorist (while Israel sold guns to South Africa).

if the Israelis are desperate for a Palestinian Mandela, how about
Marwan Barghouti for a candidate? Now where is the Israeli De Klerk?

Sabbah points out a ketter by a former US Senator which confirms that support for Israel by the US Senate is indeed based on fear.

now… the country which claims NOT to be an apartheid state refuses
South African Nobel Laureate and Arch Bishop, Desmond Tutu, permission
to lead a fact-finding mission to investigate Israeli-Palestinian
violence. (Al Jazeera)

find the lack of co-operation by the Israeli government very
distressing, as well as its failure to allow the mission timely passage
to Israel,” Tutu said. “We have, in our view, been turned down.”

they are so hard-core on their position on NOT being an Apartheid
state, shouldn’t they be excited to invite an expert on apartheid to
give them a good clean endorsement of their position? Or do you think
they have something to hide? Duh!

Kabobfest points out this cool write-up… The International Herald Tribune ran an oped by Leila El-Haddad, a Palestinian journalist and the blogging genius behind the Raising Yousuf blog.

In ‘Meanwhile: Gaza, my home and my prison‘,
Leila personalizes Gaza’s slow transition towards a refugee-camp strewn
prison. It has been this way for some time, but the degree of
imprisonment and enforced suffering is growing.

And finally… some Palestinian Hip-Hop is on the rise at San Francisco State University… check out this excellent Slide show with audio track. Brilliant 🙂

On Iraq, President Bush said Wednesday he would “not be rushed” into a decision
on a strategy change for Iraq, saying that in a round of consultations
he heard both some interesting ideas and some “ideas that would lead to

Well that’s good I think, last time he “rushed”
he invaded Iraq, luckily he’s taking his time now, since the longer he
takes, the more Iraq is leading to their defeat…and I also suspect
that the ideas which lead to defeat are exactly wthe ones which call
for withdrawal. Watch out for the spin 😛


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