Al-Zawahri: “Hamas Sold Out.”

Al-Zawahri, Al-Qaida’s No.2 said that Hamas Sold out by agreeing to respect past peace deals with Israel.

Whilst I agree that repecting “peace deals” which wasn’t aimed at bringing any amount of peace (to the Palestinians anyway) is a bit of a dodgy move… I’m not in a position to judge just yet, especially considering the corner Hamas was pushed into in terms of having all funding cut, and having the people they represent suffer more just because they are who they are.

But when Zawahri starts going on about “Hamas went on a picnic with the American devil and its Saudi Agent,” I start to think his mindset’s a bit wrong… with the current situation, to expect no negotiation or even talking with one’s enemy in terms of coming to a solution, especially for a suffering people.  What other solution does he envision?  Let me Guess… “Death to America!” ???

I have to agree though… I don’t trust the Saudi’s one little bit.  With all the blood and oil floating between America and Saudi Arabia, the situation is really dodgy when they come to gether to “help” the Palestinians.  The only thing the Saudi’s want to help is their relationship with abusive Uncle Sam.

We need a holistic solution which doesn’t involve the mass killing of anyone, but there’s too much power and money involved for any one side to give up anything for the betterment of mankind here… whatever will come of this it;s going to take some time for any real positive change to be seen.


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