Tutu to tell Oprah to visit Both Israel and Occupied Palestinian Territories

Desmond Tutu has decided to reach out to Oprah Winfrey on visiting both
the Occupied Palestinian Territories and Israel to ensure an evenhanded
approach, according to one advocacy group which wrote him a letter
advocating this idea after learning of Oprah Winfrey’s assumed
“solidarity” trip to Israel.


Oprah Winfrey is the most-influential day-time talk show host of the hugely popular and highly successful The Oprah Winfrey Show.  Not
only is she celebrated for her day-time job, but also for her
philanthropy and earning the only African American billionaire status
for three consecutive years.


has recently put herself in a predicament when she accepted an
invitation from Holocaust survivor Elie Wiesel to visit Israel, first
reported by Ynetnews.com, Israel’s top-read news website.  Many feel that if Oprah visits the region, then she should also visit the Occupied Palestinian Territories.  The story was also covered on Arabisto.com.


Patricia Ann Abraham, a Friend of SABEEL, the Ecumenical Liberation Theology Center of Jerusalem, wrote a letter to The Desmond Tutu Peace Foundation this week, along with some Arab Americans, on this matter.  She
told me that they wrote out of concern, “that Ms. Winfrey might not be
shown the true nature of the human rights violations perpetrated upon
both the Palestinians living is Israel and those living.”


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