Secret UN Report Condemns US for Middle East Failures

M&G – The highest ranking United Nations official in Israel has warned that American pressure has “pummelled into submission” the United Nations’s role as an impartial Middle East negotiator in a damning confidential report.

The 53-page End of Mission Report by Alvaro de Soto, the UN’s Middle East envoy, obtained by the Guardian, presents a devastating account of failed diplomacy and condemns the sweeping boycott of the Palestinian government. It is dated May 5 this year, just before De Soto stepped down.

You can read the full article at the link above, but in the article the points he makes in the document are:

  • The international boycott of the Palestinians, introduced after Hamas won elections last year, was “at best extremely short-sighted” and had “devastating consequences” for the Palestinian people
  • Israel has adopted an “essentially rejectionist” stance towards the Palestinians
  • The Quartet of Middle East negotiators — the US, the European Union, Russia and the UN — has become a “side-show”
  • The Palestinian record of stopping violence against Israel is “patchy at best, reprehensible at worst”

De Soto acknowledges in the report that he is its sole author. It was
meant only for senior UN officials, and its wording is far more
critical than the public pronouncements of UN diplomats. On TUesday
night, De Soto, who is in New York, told the Guardian: “It is a confidential document and not intended for publication.”

January last year, the Quartet called on the newly elected Hamas
government to commit to non-violence, recognise Israel and accept
previous agreements. When Hamas refused to sign up to the principles,
the international community halted direct funding to the Palestinian
government and Israel started to freeze the monthly tax revenues that
it had agreed to pass to the Palestinians. Several hundred million
dollars remain frozen.

De Soto, who had opposed the boycott,
said this position “effectively transformed the Quartet from a
negotiation-promoting foursome guided by a common document [the road
map for peace] into a body that was all-but imposing sanctions on a
freely elected government of a people under occupation as well as
setting unattainable preconditions for dialogue”.

The rest of the article brings up the current crisis within Palestine where Hamas and Fatah are fighting each other, and Palestinians are dying.  I’d never thought I’d see the day, but I guess it’s plausible since history does repeat itself, this has happened before, I’m sure.  It makes me really sad to see Palestinians killing Palestinians.  There must be someone who sees the bigger picture up in that leadership of theirs, then again if power is all they really want and not justice for Palestine, maybe they’re deserving of all this.

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