Palestinian Children Living Off Israeli Trash

This is an awful sight. Yet, I must give kudos to the New York Times for capturing and reporting on this tragedy. It carried an article and showed a series of photographs with sad captions, such as:

with a whole box of clothing in good shape, a boy shows off a sweater.
The boys say the real treasures come in deliveries of trash from the
Israeli settlements.

Can there be any question about the
basic inhumanity of this? The raw contrast between colonialist excess,
and the natives so oppressed and starved as to feed off their waste.

Palestinians have become so dependent, a pragmatists would welcome US
aid to Israel. Enough of the billions of dollars a year that goes to
Israel must indirectly subsidize the wasteful lifestyles of Israel’s
settlers. In a weird way, US taxpayers probably helped subsidize the computer Fadi El-Ammour found and fixed.
Wow, a trickle-down economist whose Zionist (read, statist) leanings
barely overshadow his economic views would agree passionately with this


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2 Responses to Palestinian Children Living Off Israeli Trash

  1. video facts says:

    Guess who just brightened up my day? 🙂 Thanks a lot!

  2. criticalthinker says:

    If I sat around everyday blaming everyone else for my woes in my life, I would have nothing to show for it at the end of the day either and I’d have to dig through my neighbor’s trash too. Just be thankful that your neighbor has a job, works hard to keep his job and throws his trash away instead of burning it so you have access to it. Just think, that neighbor has a job, goes to work, maybe even grows his own food that he tosses out that you dig through. Now what does that say about your character. You’d rather dig through trash and blame your neighbor because you do not have what he has and wait for everyone else (i.e. Obama’s redistribution of wealth) to come your way. The only wealth that Obama is going to grow is his own and you’ll starve to death waiting for it. So, get yourself a job, any job. Pull yourself up by your bootstraps, and I know you are so poor you don’t own a pair of shoes, right? That never stopped my father during the depression at 7 years of age. The only difference is that at age 7 he was a hard worker, took responsibility for his lot in life and worked hard to change it. He didn’t have to kill anybody, or never wanted to harm anybody, he just knew what he had to do to improve his life and set out to do it with his own hands and with hard work. You hate Americans and you hate our way of life yet you take our charity.

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